Heavy Duty Towing

Is your truck stuck in the mud and you’re having no luck getting it out? Do you need a heavy-duty towing service to pull it out and get it back to Murrells Inlet, SC?  Or perhaps, flatbed towing would suit you better? No matter if you need heavy duty towing or flatbed towing, there is a solution. 

Corner Cars Towing Service specializes in heavy duty towing and flatbed towing service that can help drag a vehicle that’s stuck tight in snow or mud. We can drag it out and get you back on the highway, where you can get back home or work. No matter how stuck your vehicle is, we have the experience needed to handle the situation. Our team is well-trained and capable in these and other situations that are similar.

Even if you aren’t dealing with a stuck car, we offer services for everyone. Our services include flatbed towing, which is safe and affordable for anyone who is facing vehicle trouble. We can tow to whatever destination is needed in the Murrells Inlet, SC area at a low cost. We’ve all been there and know how frustrating these situations can be. We’re always on your side.

In addition to winch services and flatbed towing, we also offer other quality services. We can handle any roadside assistance needs you have, whether that includes changing a tire, bringing you gas, or unlocking a car with the keys stuck inside. We’ve seen it all and handled situations from small to large. Nothing is too big for the team at Corner Cars Towing Service.